We are Yaiks.
We are Yaiks.
We scale internet companies.
We scale internet companies.

Yaiks creates and scales
internet companies that bring positive change.

Yaiks invents new solutions and develops these concepts into companies.
Yaiks actively supports entrepreneurs and management teams in creating sustainable value.
Yaiks helps its European companies expand to the USA, and American companies to Europe.
Yaiks currently invests in and scales the following ventures:

Our Portfolio Companies in the Media.Award-winning technology

Co-founded by Yaiks and recently acquired.

The following ventures were co-founded and developed by Yaiks, after which they were recently acquired by third parties.

Four phases of our companies.We identify opportunities, build a team and develop the company

To build our group of companies, we have developed a process to identify, build and scale internet companies. Our process is based upon four pillars:

1. Innovative ideas

With Yaiks we focus on innovations that is using internet technology to positively change every day situations.

2. Build Company

Based upon experiences we create a MVP (Minimal Viable Product) the service is tested in the market against a various set hypothesises.

3. Grow Culture

Yaiks will guide the process of finding the right enthusiastic people that have experience focus, perseverance and flexibility.

4. Scale

With a great team, a service that is tested in the market it is time to scale the company and roll out to countries around the world.

Please feel free to contact us.You can also send an email to: team@yaiks.com

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