Founder Yaiks ~ Steven Blom

Today we’d like to introduce you to Steven Blom.

Steven, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
After going through a rough time in 2007, I came to believe that first and foremost people, deep down inside, want to be connected to themselves and others. This is more important than anything else and all major positive experiences come from being connected.

Looking through that lens I saw that business meetings, presentations and events lack the connection between e.g. the person on stage and the audience. When there is a teacher in front of a classroom the students refrain from asking questions because they are afraid to make a mistake. Later on in life, the employees do not give feedback at a quarterly meeting with the CEO because they are worried about their job.

We decided to empower people to speak up and be heard during events and started the company in 2008 and we are now one of the global leaders in Audience Response Solutions.

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